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From: James Jones
Subject: He Was There Willow Pt 3 He Was There, Willow Pt 3 by justjames 17Sudugal and I drove to my home and unloaded his gear carrying it inside, he
was thanking me all the way in until I pressed my finger to his moist dark
purplish lips. He stopped speaking and I looked deep into his incredibly dark
brown seemingly bottomless eyes, I couldn't resist the urge to kiss him and
withdrew my finger and bent in pressing my lips to his. Sudugal wrapped his
slim yet strong arms about me crushing us together as he responded
passionately. Suddenly he stopped and froze up then slowly pushed back his
eyes downcast as he whispered, "I Preteen Nn am sorry for losing control Jamie, I just
had an irresistible urge to kiss you, please forgive me. I'll leave and
return to my abode if you wish."I rested my hands on his wide wiry shoulders shaking my head slowly, "No
Sudugal; it is completely my fault, I kissed you first, I feel the same love for
you that I do for Willow. I can't explain how or why this is so but I love you
both so much."Sudugal seemed to lose his poise and wilt into my arms, his elegant wavy
haired head resting on my shoulder as he took a huge breath, my hands
gently massaged his back feeling the corded muscles, ribs and the nodules of
his spine swooping down to his full rounded firm buttocks. He trembled in my
arms and I felt him sob softly as his tears wet my polo shirt. I whispered into
his ear, "Its ok Sudugal don't be upset we'll sort it all out somehow; I'm sure
Willow will be happy we are all together in a sharing and caring relationship."He moaned ever so softly and nuzzled my neck, his arms tightening their
grasp as we hugged together rocking and swaying like palm trees in a breeze,
our hearts thudding hard in our chests, while our hips crushed against each
other sandwiching our tumescent tools against our hot bodies. We hels one
another for some time enjoying the closeness and feeling our excited bodies
moving as one.Sudugal lifted his head and we gazed into each other's eyes, my gray orbs
locked to his dark brown almost black eyes as we pressed our hungry lips
together, tongues slithering into each other's mouth. My mind was crazy with
erotic thoughts, I wanted to pick Sudugal up and rush him off to bed and
then ravish his sweet slender body, cram my tumescent tool up inside his
molten hot chute to spurt sperm in gushes and fill him to the brim. Sudugal
began whimpering and grinding sensuously against me, my resolve weakened
and I slid my hands down his tight buttocks and lifted him off the floor;
Sudugal wrapped his legs about me and clung to my neck as I waddled
awkwardly across to the entrance to my bedroom.I moved to the bed and flopped down bearing Sudugal with me and we
bounced together on the mattress, his warm lithe taut body bearing down on
me our crotches pressed together. Our lips still locked and tongues slippery
sliding about each other as we kissed sensuously, our warm breath shared as
he ground against my body. My hands kneaded his tight buttocks squeezing
and palpitating those wondrous muscular fleshy orbs, the feel of his arse was
incredibly erotic and my enraged erection begged to penetrate into his molten
hot core.Sudugal broke the kiss and raised his head looking down at me his lips puffy
from our prolonged snogging, his pink tongue swabbed across them as he
sighed deeply causing his stone hardness to twitch alongside my throbbing
tool both oozing slippery juice onto our bellies. He smiled, his so white teeth
gleaming against his dark lips while his eyes Preteen Nn sparkled merrily as Preteen Nn he blinked
those long lashed lids coquettishly. I growled my desires deep in my chest, he
giggled and squirmed against me flexing his muscled buns in my hands then
spoke so softly, "Oh Jamie I need sex so much, I've missed Willow incredibly
since he was attacked."I smiled up at him and replied, "Sudugal, my needs are the same, I too have
been burning to be with Willow even though we only met once."Sudugal whimpered, "Ooh do you think you could find fulfillment with me
until Willow comes out of hospital?"I raised my head up and bit his large puffy left nipple, he squealed and I
growled, "There is your answer, I could eat you up like a ravenous beast."With that I rolled im over onto his side then onto his back before pushing up
with my arms arching my back and looking down at this gorgeous lad pinned
beneath me to my bed; his mahogany brown body contrasting with the white
sheet beneath him. Slowly a moved down off his body to position myself
between his legs pushing them open to accommodate me, I nuzzled my face
into his crotch inhaling his sweet scent of highly aroused male. His wiry pubes
tickled my nose as I licked up his straining dark smooth, silky shaft.My eyes focused on his long foreskin covering his bulging knob its fleshy
nipple soft and pursed; I licked at it then slid my tongue tip inside the loose
flesh tasting his sweet liquor like precum. My tongue swabbing his hidden
glans sent bolts if pleasure through Sudugal making him clutch my head and
whimper with delight. Having suckled all the trapped juice I grasped his thick
pulsing shaft gently pulling on the silky skin peeling down that soft flexible
hood until his hot pink glistening cock head peeked from the dark brown
cowl, its single eye weeping tears of slippery sweetness as it appeared. The
incredible difference between the outer skin and that spongy knob Preteen Nn really
made my moan in lust as I dived on it like a starving gannet on a sardine.I ingested that wondrous weapon stuffing it into my salivating gob, my
tongue paying homage to its beauty and succulence; I drove it deep into my
mouth hitting my soft pallet making me gag momentarily before I swallowed
him fully into my gullet. I gulped and churned on him my throat muscles
caressing him, Sudugal moaned and arched into my face his abdominals rigid
and bulging under his smooth shining skin. He pressed his crotch hard against
my face crushing my nose and cutting off my air, my hands pushed against
his bony angular hips feeling his sharp pelvis as I tried to regain my Preteen Nn oxygen.Sudugal realized my plight and pulled back apologizing for his lust crazed
attack, I snorted air into my depleted lungs then slid back up his throbbing
tool dragging it from my straining throat. My tongue felt him sliding across it
tasting his drooling Preteen Nn juices, I began bobbing up and down sucking hard my
cheeks concaved under the pressure. Sudugal moaned and flexed his hands
pulling me up and down his steely wand, in no time his penis swelled and
began throbbing, his big balls pulled tight to his crotch before his cock jerked
then gushed thick cream flooding my hungry orifice. I gulped and sucked
draining every drop of sweet sperm from his excited erection continuing till it
shrank and became limp, he shuddered pushing me off, "Stop Jamie! It is too
sensitive you are driving me crazy."I sniggered and let his limp dick slide from my tight lips squeezing any dregs
of sperm onto my tongue, he sighed loudly and lay back his handsome face
and muscular body glistening like a highly polished prized piece Preteen Nn
of furniture
from perspiration. I watched his chest rise and fall and his abs rippling as he
breathed heavily still coming down from his high, I raised my hand up and
ran my fingers gently over his firm tight belly running them over the bulging
abdominals. Sudugal sighed again and seemed to relish the contact, his
flaccid cock resting on his tight round sack a bead of milky cum oozing from
the lips of his foreskin. I licked it up and relished the tart tasty tit bit.Sudugal was now totally relaxed and lying Preteen Nn
quite limp on the bed after his
massive climax, I knew now he would be ready to accept my cock into his
relaxed arse. I slid my hands under his thighs and gently lifted them up, his
relaxed legs folded at the bony knees as I folded them back knees nuzzling
his ears as his beauteous buttocks rotated into view. What a sight they made,
his deep cleft opened exposing his dark wrinkled paradisiacal portal, he was
almost completely hairless and smooth except where his tight closed muscle
twitched. I couldn't resist, I needed to taste him and I pushed my face
between those taut mounds my wet tongue waggling over his quivering quim.
My tongue bathed his hole and gradually he opened like a flower greeting the
morning sun, my appendage slipped through that tight muscle into the
furnace of his rectum, the Preteen Nn heat and silky inner flesh wrapped about my
questing member greeting and caressing it.In minutes Sudugal was squirming and moaning incessantly as his anus
grasped my tongue trying to drag it deeper inside his body cavity, he was
ready and willing for my wand. I repositioned my self, my thighs pressed to
his taut buttocks while my eagerly oozing knob poked at his spasming back
door. It took no great pressure to breech his weakened defenses, his hot hole
opened sliding over my pale purple pud head and sucking my schlong deep
inside his incredibly eager accepting chute. I gasped as his wondrous silky
innards wrapped palpitatingly about my hard hot horn, his bowels caressed
me exhibiting amazing muscle control.I knew that my penis couldn't withstand his incredible silky flesh caressing
and sucking on my overly hard pulsing pud, I was shaking and quivering in
ecstasy as I ground my hips to his wondrous full firm buttocks, my raging rod
stroking about in Sudugal's paradisiacal portal. I pulled back feeling his
muscles clench down stimulating my prick as it slipped back up that moist
furnace hot fleshy chute until the flared edge of my so sensitive cock head
caught on his tightly clenched sphincter. There I paused biting my lip as my
dick throbbed on the verge of exploding, his anus coaxing and squeezing my
muscle. I pushed back in, his body opened gleefully Preteen Nn taking my cock deep his
satiny flesh sliding over my plunging knob sending bolts of pure delight
through my body.Sudugal moaned and groaned as I filled him stretching his so sensitive love
tunnel, then fully embedded his innards worked their seductive magic on my
wand, minute muscles pattering so sensuously on my throbbing tool. I
groaned my pleasure and began to withdraw once more but my attempts to
hold back my impending climax were for naught, my full aching balls revolted
and a huge gout of claggy cum burst forth spattering sperm and coated his
clammy colon. Gush after gush my baby makers flooded the dark hot tunnel
until I collapsed a moaning shaking wreck on Sudugal's hot sweaty back, his
rectum continued palpitating my pud until in desperation I pulled back
dragging my sticky dick from his tight tunnel with a loud moist popping
sound.Sudugal moaned loudly showing his displeasure but my tortured tool was
happy to be free and shrinking in the cooler air. I rolled off the slim muscular
spunk and lay beside him eyes closed and chest heaving as I panted and still
shaking as I slowly came back from orbit. Sudugal turned on his side facing
me; I opened my eyes and turned my head looking into his dark impenetrable
orbs that glowed with intensity. He spoke quietly, "Jamie you came so fast I
feel unfulfilled, I hoped for more from that sweet schlong."I felt so terrible that I'd let him down but it was his incredible body that had
dragged me helplessly over the cliff to my destruction, I caressed his dark
shining sweaty cheek, "I'm so sorry Sudugal but it wasn't all my fault your hot
incredible hole just sent my into a paroxysm of utter lust and I exploded
unable to control my body."We lay quietly side by side for a while our minds whirring then he spoke, "You
know what happened to willow don't you?"I shook my head, "Only about him being bashed, is there more I need to
know?"Sudugal nodded, "Yes there was much more that happened to our sweet
Willow James."He was silent for a while it seemed like hours before he began to speak
again, "Willow was walking along the Yarra outside the Crown Casino on
South Bank, he was suddenly surrounded by a group of South East Asian
boys who for no reason began abusing him verbally then pushing him from
one to the other."I listened my heart beating hard and fast as he stopped to arrange his
thoughts before he continued, "They dragged Willow away further down the
river till they were in the more deserted, darker area, once there they began
beating him and when he fell to the ground they kicked him repeatedly."He stopped again and I heard him draw a huge breath then a sob escaped his
lips before he continued, "Willow was only half conscious when they stopped
the violence then they chattered together before one bloke bent down and
began undoing his clothing until he was lying there naked on the ground."Another pause and he began sobbing heavily, I reached out and hugged him
to me, his tears wetting my neck and shoulder as I held him tight and
caressed his back. Sudugal calmed after a while and cleared his throat before
continuing, "They picked Willow up and dragged him to a flat concrete seat
where they placed him on his back with his legs unsupported and splayed
apart. One thug knelt on the ground pushing between Willow's limp legs and
after spitting on his hand to moisten his dick he pushed into Willow's arse
ramming his cock inside Willow's unresisting body."He went on, "The whole pack of ten thugs raped Willow, they stole his watch,
wallet and mobile phone then left him lying there naked and unconscious, his
battered bum leaking blood and sperm onto the ground. Some time later a
man and lady walking past found him lying there and called the police."Sudugal now weeping went on, "Oh James I felt so sick when I finally found
out where Willow was, it took about 24 hours before I was contacted by the
hospital and I didn't know where he was. I thought maybe he was with you
as he'd told me all about your meeting and he was so busy he'd forgotten to
ring me and let me know his whereabouts."I was horrified to hear Willow had been pack raped, my heart went out to
him, Willow was a quiet, kind and sensitive human being and I dreaded what
this might do to him mentally. I hugged Sudugal and whispered, "Has it
damaged Willow mentally do you think?"He shook his head, "I don't think so James, he is a little quieter but that is
only reasonable considering what he has gone through. The doctors have
sewn up his damaged rectum and they say he will be fine physically after a
week or so and he has received counseling, so hopefully his mental anguish
will be calmed."I made up my mind that Willow would need lots of support and love to
recover from Preteen Nn this terrible incident, sex would be totally up to him and I would
wait for him to instigate it if he ever desired sex again. The news put the
kybosh on our sex and we just lay there holding one another till it was time to
shower and dress to go visit Willow again.Willow finally left hospital and we took him to my place, Sudugal and Willow
decided to leave their flat and move into my home, Preteen Nn time passed and Willow
showed no interest in sex even though Sudugal and I enjoyed each other
daily. Willow would watch us his handsome Preteen Nn
face showing no real expression
although his cock erected and strained in his pants, weeks passed then one
afternoon Sudugal and I were locked together in bed when Willow appeared
naked and fully boned. He slipped onto the bed behind me and I felt his slick
lube coated fingers press to my arse as I thrust in and out of Sudugal's
incredible arse.Willow licked my neck then slid his tongue into my so sensitive ear, I moaned
aloud and rammed hard into Sudugal who moaned in unison, slippery digits
pressed to my tight ring, I stopped on the out pull and paused while Willow
finger Preteen Nn
fucked my hole. He pulled those invading fingers out and pressed his
long hard horn into my anus, I sighed at his entry and squeezed down on his
beautiful bone as it plumbed my dark hot depths. The feel of him filling me
while my own dick was inside Sudugal was incredible my whole being zinged
with utter love for my beautiful lovers. We enjoyed a hot passionate sexual
tryst and all three climaxed together, fountains of sperm gushed from our
excited erections. Climaxes complete we lay together basking in the delicious
after glow our hot sweaty bodies pressed together. The End

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